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The ceremony & the party will both be held at The Peninsula Hotel in Washington DC
Please book your hotel by April 1 to receive the group rate!


Jhony Shewry

space lab, de〓monstrating China's strong space program. "It was very impressive that the a〓stronauts were able to stay up there for one month," Dempster said. "It is e〓vident that the Chinese space program is in a v3


Kellyn Duplantis

educ〓ation, Dempster said, occurs not only at the university level, but is support〓ed by the work done by the Chinese Government to nurture the burgeoning secto〓r. "There is a good recognition at the top level of gg

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overnment of the value 〓of the knowledge economy," Dempster said. "When you have commitment at the g〓overnment level to developing science, a good commitment to STEM (Science, Te〓chnology, Engineering, Mathematicu

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